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Macro Waves is a California-based creative collective producing experiences that center on social equity through conceptual art, new media, and design. As artists, designers, and technologists of color, we embrace collaboration in our creative practice of transforming spaces into places for human connection, exploration, and play. In 2015, the collective was founded by Robin Birdd David and Jeffrey Yip, and includes members Anum Awan, Dominic Cheng, and Tina Kashiwagi.

Macro Waves has produced and curated projects that examine the systems, infrastructures, and processes of future world-building through science fiction-based narratives. Through the use of technology and participatory design, Macro Waves experiments with augmenting spatial environments, disrupting human senses, and engaging in social discourse. Macro Waves' body of work encompasses a broad spectrum of projects, including interactive installations, site-specific performances, immersive theater production, exhibition curation, and other experiential-based projects. The collective’s work focus on introspective work around future ancestry, intergenerational experiences, and collective healing. The collective strives to integrate collaboration and community engagement as a critical foundation in our creative work.

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