Artifact Orchestra

Interactive Audio-Visual Installation
Berkeley, CA

Artifact Orchestra is an interactive audiovisual installation that reintroduces antiquated technologies to our contemporary world. Through the years we have dramatically increased our dependency to our technology. But what happens to the obsolete? Are we only as capable as the technologies we utilize? Where do we find new functionality in dated technology that we now can consume in a device that fits in our pockets?

Artifact Orchestra invites participants to become performers as they interact with a daisy chain of old tech. By creating a network of these outmoded technologies, Macro Waves redefines their utility through audiovisual synchronization. Artifact Orchestra is an investigation of how repurposing can bring new life to these relics.

Analog and digital technology 

Dimensions variable

Event Information:  Berkeley Art & Music Fair (BAMF) 2230 Fourth Street, Berkeley, CA Saturday August 19, 12pm–7pm

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Full project coming soon.

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