Terra Incognita

Site-Specific Experience
Tenderloin National Forest
San Francisco, CA

In the bustling cities of San Francisco, there is a deficit in open spaces for exploration and discovery. Located in the heart of the Tenderloin district, the Luggage Store’s Tenderloin National Forest exists as a community common place for public art and experimental art projects. Embarking on a mystical experience in the once condemned alley, Macro Waves Collective reintroduces an element of play into the daily lives and underutilized urban spaces.

Blurring the lines of reality and the dream world is hazy, Terra Incognita, a one night site-specific experience that explores the concept of displacement by situating elements outside of their normal environments.

By challenging the relationships between people and the use of space, From places a rap show and an art show out of their traditional environments, forcing both experiences to adapt in symbiosis.

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