The Danger Room

Pop-Up Installation
Oakland Music Festival
Oakland, CA

The Danger Room is a pop up interactive space that allows participants to experience play in various immersive environments. Inspired by the X-Men's holographic training facility, the Danger Room's design, envisioned MACRO WAVES, changes each time it pops up. With the use of light, texture, and sound, the artists engage the human senses in the temporal unknown.

The Danger Room was first exhibited at this year's Oakland Music Festival. The room was filled with 1000 balloons Illuminated by digital projections while people were invited to interact and play inside. For the Figment, The Danger Room will be transformed into a magical blue sky of floating cotton clouds lit up by projected visualizations and accompanied with a nimbus inspired soundscape.

For this project we will need space for a 10 x 20 ft canopy as well as power to plug in our projector, small sound system and laptop.

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